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Conduit and Torch Liners

PowerBall® Torch Tips & Diffusers provide a copper-to-copper-to-copper assembly for maximum conductivity and performance. The torch tip seats firmly in a copper insert within the diffuser with a smooth elliptical end. Traditional tip designs lose conductivity at this connection point since they are typically flat or tapered. Boost the power of your torch with PowerBall® Tips & Diffusers! Patent pending design.

  Better conductivity creates a longer lasting, high performance tip with additional energy saving benefits
  Gas distribution & cooling chamber in the PowerBall® diffuser provides optimum cooling and prevents gas flow turbulence
  Buttress threads provide high torque with more contact surface
  Reduces arc start failures and downtime
  Fully rounded PowerBall® tips help prevent spatter build-up and burn backs
  Tips and diffusers available for all major domestic and imported torch manufacturers

Tip & Diffuser Assembly & Features:

High Torque Buttress Threads
PowerBall® Torch Tips feature high torque buttress threads to provide more contact surface and a secure connection that will not loosen upon impact. Buttress threads are designed to handle extremely high axial thrust in one direction and are the same threads used in guns and artillery. They also create an ideal connection point between the tip and diffuser to prevent tip locking caused by the uneven expansion of copper and brass.

Stays Cool and Goes with the Flow
The Gas Distribution and Cooling Chamber featured on PowerBall® Diffusers provides optimum cooling for longer tip life and even gas flow to prevent excessive turbulence around the weld pool. The smooth elliptical end connecting the tip to the diffuser maximizes the contact surface to provide superb conductivity with low resistance.

A Well-Rounded Design
The fully rounded tip design on PowerBall® contact tips provides enhanced protection against spatter build-up, helping to reduce burn backs that can cause excessive downtime.

E-Power® Torch Liners are designed to provide superior feedability with a low skid friction. The spring liners are made with a helically wound elliptical wire with a proprietary coating that both reduces friction and eliminates wire shaving. The result is a durable, long lasting torch liner that will reduce costly downtime caused by wire feeding issues. Patent pending design.

  Patent pending Elliptical Wire with proprietary coating reduces skid friction and eliminates wire shaving
  Long life due to less friction and reduced wear
  Durable outer jacket extends 60” (1524 mm) to minimize gas loss at the back of the torch
  Reduces costly downtime caused by wire feeding issues
  Liners available for all major domestic and imported torch manufacturers
  Heat resistant durable polymer liners also available
Friction Test Results: Pull Test
In this test, 15 ft of torch liner was wrapped around three times in a circular radius and .045 steel wire was pulled through by the wire feeder at a rate of 175 IPM.

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