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Anti-Spatter Products

Blue Magic® Anti-Spatter

A cost effective, environmentally safe product, this new generation of anti-spatter provides superb performance even in high temperature applications. Biodegradable formula contains no harmful chemicals and is noncombustible. And, because it contains one of the lowest water contents available, you get protection, not water! Choose Blue Magic for welding applications where there is a moderate to large amount of spatter or slag. No mixing required.

Blue Magic® HD High Duty Cycle Anti-Spatter

Introducing our toughest anti-spatter yet! The new Blue Magic® HD anti-spatter is specially formulated for extremely high temperature, long duty cycle applications. This heavy duty anti-spatter will not evaporate and performs consistently, even under conditions with extreme heat. Reduces downtime for clean-ups in long duty cycle applications that generate extreme heat and excessive spatter.

Blue Chill® Anti-Spatter

Increase weld productivity with this specially blended formula that not only protects surfaces from spatter, slag, and scale but also quickly cools down hot nozzles! Blue Chill contains a similar formula to Blue Magic anti-spatter, only it has a slightly higher water content for superior cooling. Choose Blue Chill for most welding applications where there is a light to moderate amount of spatter. No mixing required.

  Protects against spatter build-up and char residue
  Extends nozzle and contact tip life
  Environmentally safe, non-toxic, biodegradable
  Surfactants provide excellent wetting & lubricity in torches
  Contains no silicone—easily painted over
  Low pH level inhibits multi-metal corrosion
  Will not evaporate, keeping lines and nozzles clog-free
  Contains biocide, providing longer shelf life in warm climates
Samples of Blue Magic®, Blue Magic® HD and Blue Chill® Anti-spatter are available upon request.

By popular demand, we have just released two new fragrances for mixing with Blue Magic or Blue Chill Anti-Spatters. Choose either cherry or vanilla, sold separately in an 8 oz. bottle to mix into either formula.

Also now available is our new anti-spatter Rust Inhibitor. When sprayed around the welded area, our new additive will assist in preventing oxidation of the weld. Welded parts can be stored before being painted without concern of rust, and then the solution is completely removed during the cleaning process prior to the paint cycle. This allows a week or longer of storage time.

Anti-Spatters and Accessories
Part #
Blue Magic 32 OZ Spray Bottle
Blue Magic 1 GAL Bottle
Blue Magic 5 GAL Container
Blue Magic 55 GAL Drum
Blue Magic 275 GAL Bulk Tote
Blue Magic 5 GAL Concentrate (makes 55 gal of anti-spatter)
Blue Magic HD 32 OZ Spray Bottle
Blue Magic HD1 GAL Bottle
Blue Magic HD 5 GAL Container
Blue Magic HD 55 GAL Drum
Blue Chill 32 OZ Spray Bottle
Blue Chill 1 GAL Bottle
Blue Chill 5 GAL Container
Blue Chill 55 GAL Drum
Blue Chill 275 GAL Bulk Tote
Cherry Fragrance Additive (8 oz.) - Makes up to 55 Gal. of scented anti-spatter
Vanilla Fragrance Additive (8 oz.) - Makes up to 55 Gal. of scented anti-spatter
Rust Inhibitor Additive (1 qt.) - Mix with up to 55 Gal. of anti-spatter
5 Gallon Manifold Kit
Drum Manifold Kit
Fluid Level Gauge for 55 Gallon Drums
Anti-Spatter Sight Glass-Style Fluid Level Gauge
Anti-Spatter Bowl
Hand-Held Spray Unit (also available in a kit with the 5GMK or DMK)
1/4” Spatter-Resistant Tubing (connectors & valves sold separately)
3/8” Spatter-Resistant Tubing (connectors & valves sold separately)

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Blue Magic HD MSDS
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